Meet the Board

On Wednesday September 14th 2016 the first Glovers Trust Board of Directors was voted in. All members of the Board will stand for 12 months. Profiles for each Board member can be found below:

Brendon Owen (Chairman)

Brendon has been a Yeovil Town supporter since 1976 even has a piece of turf from the old Huish pitch in his lawn! He and his wife are long time season ticket holders and have many wonderful memories from following the Club over the years and hope for many more.

Having spent the majority of his working life in the Magistrates and Crown Courts and also authoring three books depicting his experiences during the more successful years in the Club’s history, Brendon is now retired and devoting a significant proportion of his time towards the Glovers Trust.

Having played a key role in the inception and development of the Trust, Brendon is a strong advocate of the notion of Yeovil Town fans having a strong voice in how things are run at Huish Park. He also wants the Trust to be a benefit for the wider community and to bring assistance to those who may need it.

Adam Forster (Vice-Chairman)

Adam has been supporting Yeovil Town for 5 years since moving to Somerset and is a season ticket holder along with his wife and thirteen year old son.

By day Adam works for a software company as an Operations Manager which he hopes will put him in good stead for overseeing the operational elements of the Glovers Trust, in addition to carrying out his duties as the Vice-Chairman.

Adam firmly believes that the Trust can truly give Yeovil Town supporters a voice and work to re-connect the fans and the Football Club.

Dean Mountain (Secretary)

Dean began watching Yeovil in the mid 1980’s, his first season coming when the club finished bottom of the Gola league! For several years Dean worked as a ball boy (and general dogsbody!) at the old Huish ground, rubbing shoulders with his heroes at the time, including Paul Thorpe, Andy Wallace and Mickey Spencer. Since then he has continued to passionately support the club, through the highs of Hereford, Doncaster, Nottingham Forest and Brentford to the lows of bingo hall meetings, relegation to the ICIS league and Clive Whitehead. A season ticket holder in the Thatcher’s Gold stand, Dean started attending matches with his father, and last season introduced his eldest son to the joys of Huish Park.

Having recently moved back to Yeovil, Dean works in financial support at an education software company in the town. Outside of work and football, Dean has 3 young sons and a lot of DIY to occupy his time!

Dean became involved in the Glovers Trust as he feels that the bond between those in charge of the club and the supporters has declined over the last few years, with few signs this will change. He hopes that the Trust can harness the collective passion and skills of the supporters to help move the club forward and closer to the community.

Simon Brimble (Treasurer)

Simon has followed Yeovil Town for most of his life, and as a junior season ticket holder at the old Huish ground, fondly remembers watching players such as Jeff Sherwood, Neil Cordice, Andy Wallace, Steve Rutter, Tony Ricketts, Bob Isles, John McGinlay, Paul Randall and many more. Nowadays Simon holds a season ticket in the Thatchers Gold Stand and has done for over 10 years having given up playing the game himself.

Simon possesses excellent organisational and people management skills which are essential for managing 135 staff over 3 shifts in his day job. He also has qualifications in business improvement techniques and also have IOSH Qualification in managing safely.

Simon truly wants Yeovil Town Football Club to be a place where supporters can come together as one, and also reaches out to the community by encouraging young players to want to join the Academy with a view of playing first team football in the future.

Stuart Burrell (Communications)

Having been introduced the ups and downs of Yeovil Town and the old Huish ground at the age of eight, Stuart has been a season ticket holder at Huish Park since his Saturday afternoon work commitments subsided nearly twenty years ago. Now a father to an eight year old boy and six year old girl, the affiliation has passed to another generation and the three of them share the highs and lows from the Tamburino Stand.

Stuart is an Operations Manager for a national organisation specialising in IT systems and business process services for the public sector. He brings a wealth of organisational and technical skills to the Board, which have already been put to good use as the Communications lead for the Trust, developing and maintaining content for the Trust website and supporting documentation.

Stuart is keen to explore opportunities, not just to proactively develop a good relationship between supporters and the Club Board but also to challenge for improvements to facilities that may ultimately be affecting the match-day experience for many, and as a result the long term future and development of the Football Club that we all love.

Olly Jennings (Membership/Youth)

Olly has been a season ticket holder since he was six and has been going to games since he was a toddler, so has seen many highs and his fair share of lows too!

He is currently working full-time as an electrical technician at Leonardo Helicopters, a position he has held for three years. Outside of work, Olly spends his free time volunteering through a fundraising group for local charities, playing for his local football team, developing his knowledge of healthcare and care work, and of course watching the Glovers!

He believes that The Trust and its members can achieve great things if everyone works together to help to make Yeovil Town as successful as possible. A firm believer that there are plenty of supporters with skills to offer, Olly sincerely hopes that the Trust Board can give fans a voice and work together to make the Yeovil Town experience as positive as possible, be it through community work or helping the Club as a group. Olly hopes to bring a fresh new approach to the Glovers Trust and looks forward to giving it his all, pledging to bring enthusiasm, passion and desire along with care and dedication to the Trust. He calls on anyone young or old, big or small, shy or vociferous to Achieve by Unity and restore some pride in our wonderful Town and Football Club that we have.

Josef Fischer (Corporate)

Joe has been an avid Yeovil Town supporter since 1958, during which time he and the Club have been through many highs and lows. Even during the lows (and there have been a few!), Joe has remained loyal and has never stopped supporting the Football Club that he loves, and has occasionally been rewarded with some highlights; the fondest being the day at Doncaster Rovers in April 2003 when the Club finally gained promotion to the football league after 108 years. More recently, Joe holds four season tickets, attending home games with his son and two of his young grandchildren.

Joe has lived in Yeovil for most of his life and has six lovely children and eight equally lovely grandchildren. He is a very experienced retailer having worked at store and regional management levels from the age of nineteen for a number of organisations, including Tesco and Homebase.

Having been a member of the Glovers Trust Steering Group since its inception, Joe will be operating as the Trust Corporate Liaison Officer and will focus on engaging with local businesses who may be interested in contributing to the success of the Trust, be it through financial or service-based means.

Joe is keen to help recapture the connection between the Club and its supporters and feels that this has been lost due to a number of significant issues that need to be addressed. He is totally committed to do his level best, along with the other members of the Board, to help the Trust in all its aims and aspirations.

Catherine Reed (Events)

Cath is a season ticket holder and has been a supporting Yeovil Town for 15 years, watching home games with three generations of her family. Cath met her partner met on the home terrace and together they have watched the Club through thick and thin for the past twelve years.

By day she is a Transport Officer for Somerset County Council where she supports adults with learning disabilities in gaining access to the community for their day care needs.

Cath has been a part of the Glovers Trust steering group from its inception, and since becoming an elected member of the Board feels that now is the time for the Trust as a likeminded group of loyal supporters to come together to get our Club back to where it should be, and stand together for the community and the supporters of the future.

Hugh Male (Events)

As a supporter of YTFC for over 65 years, Hugh is concerned, like many others, that the club has lost contact with its loyal customers; the supporters of Yeovil Town Football Club.

Hugh has lived and worked locally in the area all of his life, and with five other members of his family, who are also season ticket holders, go to every home game together. More recently though, Hugh is saddened by the way in which the Football Club is now being run.

By joining the Glovers Trust and being voted on to the Board, Hugh feels that he can be of some assistance practically, and can participate in any way that he can to put a stop to the current downward spiral.

Andrew Richardson (Supporter Liaison)

Andy moved to Dorset in 2004 and having spent his football supporting life watching Wimbledon has experienced first-hand what it feels like to lose a Club that you love. Having decided in 2005 that he wanted to start watching football again, he made the trip to Huish Park and had a great time, eventually becoming a season ticket holder. Since then he has made many friends watching Yeovil Town and is also a member of the Bridport Glovers.

Andy is a director of an estate agents in East Devon and feels that his negotiating and people skills will help the Glovers Trust in achieving its goals.

Andy’s aims for the Trust are to help negotiate a better experience for all fans and ultimately help to bring back the supporters that have, for one reason or another stopped coming to Huish Park. He also advocates the notion that the more members the Trust has, the stronger its combined voice will be.

Rod Jones

Serving in the Royal Air Force for thirty years and then settling in Yeovil having retired from the military in 2010, Rod follows the Glovers as his local Football Club. Over the past seven years Rod and his family have supported the football team through some amazing highs and lows as season tickets holders.

Rod is a successful businessman, having first set up organisations delivering training and consultancy services within the health and safety work environment throughout the UK, he along with two partners then created a specialised training business operating within the transport industry which is based in Nottingham and also delivering support and training UK-wide.

Rod has a passion for football at all levels and runs the Ash Trojans junior team that play in the yeovil league. His main reason for supporting the setup of the Trust was as a result of the direction that he believes our Club is heading and would like to see it fulfil its true and natural position, not only within our local area but throughout the wider South-West region.