We have adopted a constitution and a set of rules laid down by the government funded national organisation, Supporters Direct. Their experience has taught that by uniting like-minded supporters sharing a joint passion, it is possible for them to make a tangible contribution to their Club. Their model rules set out in great detail how a Trust should be run and we shall be adhering strictly to those rules. We shall strive to be a society that demonstrates its credibility, transparency and honesty with everyone it engages with.

We shall operate a one member, one vote system, based on a small subscription ensuring that there shall be total inclusion and parity in the decision making of the Trust. We will hold Annual General Meetings at which resolutions may be submitted and voted upon. A straight majority will be complied with. Elections will take place for all positions on the Trustee’s Board of Directors and its Officers, thereby giving all members the opportunity to assist in the running of the Trust.

Our financial dealings will be independently audited and scrutinised by the Financial Conduct Authority. All monies received by the Trust will be spent in accordance with the rules of the Trust and the aims and objectives of its members.