Ultimately it will be for our members to drive the Glovers Trust forward and for them to identify what they feel is important to the future of Yeovil Town Football Club. They will also decide how best to assist the less privileged members of our community. Whilst it is football that brings our members together, it will be that spirit of community cooperation and assistance that will mark our success.

Such initiatives may well include seeking to engage with Yeovil Town Football Club and bringing to bear the wisdom and voice of our collective membership. We hope that this can be achieved in a constructive manner through effective communication and ultimately contribute to, and influence, decisions for the good of our Club and its supporters.

Good membership volumes and strong backing are fundamental to the success of the Trust and the level of influence that it has. As an example, if this is achieved, we may be able to build up a shareholding and ultimately seek a place on the Board of Directors at Yeovil Town Football Club.