Boardroom & Membership Update

With another membership term fast approaching, the Trust Board would like to make members and prospective members aware of a number of changes to Boardroom positions that have taken place in the past couple of months.

Following Ryan Blatchford’s resignation at the end of last year, the Trust Board co-opted Tom Axe as his successor as Communications Officer at the turn of the year. Tom is a Senior IT Support Technician by day and so provides a complementary set of technical skills to the Trust Board. In March Andy Richardson took the decision to step down from his position on the Board. As a key member of the team who was involved in the creation of the Trust, Andy will be sorely missed and fondly remembered for the enthusiasm and effort with which he approached all activities that he worked on. The Trust Board have filled the vacant slot by co-opting Terri Burt onto the Board. Terri joins the team with a wealth of retail experience as owner of The Mad Hatter Joke Shop operating in Yeovil. Finally, Lee Doel has stepped in to the vacant key role of Trust Secretary.

All co-opted members will hold their positions until the Trust AGM, which will take place in early October 2018. A list of current Board Members and date at which they must apply for re-election (should they wish to do so) is as follows:

Stuart Burrell (Chairman) – October 2018
Rod Jones (Vice Chairman) – October 2019
Brendon Owen (Membership Secretary) – October 2018
Dean Mountain (Treasurer) – October 2019
Tom Axe (Co-opted Communications Officer) – October 2018
Simon Brimble (Corporate Liaison) – October 2018
Terri Burt (Co-opted Board Member) – October 2018

With July 1st marking the beginning of the 2018/19 membership term, don’t forget to renew your membership if you have not set up a standing order! Renewals can be completed from now via the usual online and paper-based mechanisms and this term also sees the introduction of a new Young Adult category. Exclusively for 17-21 year olds, this category holds the same benefits as Adult membership but at 50% of the cost of Adult Membership – DON’T DELAY – RENEW TODAY!