We have received the below response to our letter from South Somerset District Council.   Dear Mr. Owen, We have now had an opportunity to study your letter in detail, and it would seem that your points come under three subject areas, which I now address. It is not theContinue Reading

Dear Glovers Trust members, We were surprised and disappointed to read many aspects of the statement from Scott Priestnall on Wednesday. As 11 lifelong supporters of YTFC, our sole intention is to ensure the right decisions are being made in the long-term interests of the football club and its fans.Continue Reading

At a meeting on New Year’s Day, the Board of the Glovers Trust have decided to activate the Asset of Community Value (ACV) that the Trust holds on the Huish Park site. The Board recognises that the proposed sale of Huish Park and the surrounding land to South Somerset DistrictContinue Reading

Dear valued Member, The Glovers Trust board have been vigorously debating the next steps that we as a Trust take. With that in mind, we have made the decision by a majority of eight to four, with no abstentions, not to put the final decision on the Asset of CommunityContinue Reading

The board of the Glovers Trust has requested a meeting with Yeovil Town FC owner Scott Priestnall to take place on Wednesday 23rd December after feedback from members and the fan base. During the Election voting process members were asked for their views on the proposed sale of Huish ParkContinue Reading

The Glovers Trust are pleased to announce the results of the 2020 election process. The 12 board members for 2020/21 are as follows: Brendon Owen Adam Skinner Ian Perkins Ross McKendrick John Oakes Mike Vallis Terri Burt Barrie David Vernon Edmunds Roger Pipe Mark Spalding Steve Seaby The new boardContinue Reading

Following the closure of the Glovers Trust nomination period on Friday we can confirm that there are 16 candidates who have put themselves forward for board membership.  As there are 12 places on the Trust Board available, we will now move onto the voting process to decide which candidates willContinue Reading