At a meeting on New Year’s Day, the Board of the Glovers Trust have decided to activate the Asset of Community Value (ACV) that the Trust holds on the Huish Park site.

The Board recognises that the proposed sale of Huish Park and the surrounding land to South Somerset District Council (SSDC) is a pivotal moment in the history of Yeovil Town Football Club. With the ACV, the Board has the ability to enable a pause on the deal with SSDC, and consider putting together its own bid.

As it stands, the board doesn’t feel there is enough information available to make an informed decision. It has triggered the moratorium period to gather more information and further consult with the membership. Following this, a vote will be put to members to decide on whether to remove the ACV, allowing a sale to proceed, or for it to remain in place.   

Please read the Q&A here which should answer any questions you may have. If you have any further questions which aren’t on the Q&A please contact

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Dear valued Member,

The Glovers Trust board have been vigorously debating the next steps that we as a Trust take.

With that in mind, we have made the decision by a majority of eight to four, with no abstentions, not to put the final decision on the Asset of Community Value (ACV) to a members’ vote.

This is for the following reasons:

  • Since the South Somerset District Council (SSDC) meeting of 3rd December 2020 when they unanimously agreed to the proposal to purchase Huish Park and surrounding land the clock has been ticking down fast to the deadline for activating the ACV on 7th January 2021. The current (and previous) board have spent many hours in meetings  with Scott Priestnall, SSDC and an insolvency lawyer, sourcing and collating as much information as we possibly could in the limited time that was available. We have concluded that this is a complex situation with several possible outcomes, none of which are easily understood and none of which are straight forward black or white.
  • We have sought answers to many questions, some have been answered fully, others not. There is much in the proposal that remains confidential and would not be known until as and when contracts of sale were signed and exchanged and the matter became registered with the Land Registry and in turn became public knowledge. We have striven to learn as much as possible with a desire to advise you on each and every scenario but due to the very limited amount of time left to explain this complex issue to you and to give everyone the time and space to digest the information and form a balanced view before returning a vote, we do not think this can be done.
  • We are aware that this is an emotive issue. What could be more important to fans than the future of their Club. While Yeovil Town FC struggle on the pitch, there is an increasing strain on the relationship between fans, the manager and the ownership. The Board would be dismayed if, rather than making an informed decision regarding the implementation of the ACV, some members saw this as a way of protesting against the current on-pitch situation, thereby potentially taking the Club in a direction that may not necessarily be in its best interests.
  • Our active adult membership as of 28/12/2020 is 220. Although membership has increased by 19 since the board election, the turnout for those elections was 78. We value our members opinions greatly, which is why during the election we asked members to contact us directly with their concerns, questions and views on this subject. We must report that few did.  Were a vote from members be deemed to be the deciding factor in activating or not activating the ACV and it transpired that only a small percentage of our member base actually voted and should this vote be split almost evenly, the Board would be bound to apply the result of possibly a handful of people who may or may not have had any detailed knowledge of the issues. We do not feel this would be accurate of the overall feeling or fair on the fan base of Yeovil Town FC.
  • We believe that the members in the recent election chose their elected representatives from the candidates on the basis that they believed that those selected would fairly represent the views of the Trust members as a whole.  We ask you to accept that the twelve Board members, with as much knowledge as we have been able to assemble, should be the ones to decide to activate or not activate the ACV.

We appreciate that some members will be aggrieved by our decision. We are an independent, democratic organisation who have been elected by our members to uphold the Trust constitution to work faithfully on behalf of all members and by making this decision we believe we are doing just that. We would stress however that this decision does not set a precedent for the future and issues that may merit a member’s vote will be evaluated as they arise.

The Trust Board will meet shortly to discuss the action to be taken with regard to the ACV and whatever the outcome we shall communicate our reasons to you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Brendon Owen
Interim Chair, Glovers Trust Board.








The board of the Glovers Trust has requested a meeting with Yeovil Town FC owner Scott Priestnall to take place on Wednesday 23rd December after feedback from members and the fan base.

During the Election voting process members were asked for their views on the proposed sale of Huish Park to South Somerset District Council. 78 respondents gave the following responses:

  • 2.6% strongly support
  • 15.4% felt positive
  • 30.8% needed more information
  • 37.2% had concerns
  • 14.1% strongly opposed

As a result of our valued members responses and other polls conducted on social media, the board have set out several questions regarding the sale.

Read the letter here.

The Glovers Trust has donated £150 to the Christians Against Poverty / St John’s Church fundraiser as organised by Mark Kelly of the Green Army Facebook page.

The donation will assist in the less fortunate having the worry of how they will finance food at Christmas for their children and it will supply them with fresh, healthy produce.

Yeovil Town fans have raised over £500 for the cause via the Green Army.

Brendon Owen, Interim Chairman of the Glovers Trust said: “It’s so important to support people in our community who are in need, especially at this time of year. I’m grateful to Mark for bringing this cause to our attention and the board were unanimous in their support making a donation.”

If you’d like to become a member of the Glovers Trust and have your voice as a Yeovil Town fan heard as part of a democratic process, head to

The Glovers Trust are pleased to announce the results of the 2020 election process.

The 12 board members for 2020/21 are as follows:

  • Brendon Owen
  • Adam Skinner
  • Ian Perkins
  • Ross McKendrick
  • John Oakes
  • Mike Vallis
  • Terri Burt
  • Barrie David
  • Vernon Edmunds
  • Roger Pipe
  • Mark Spalding
  • Steve Seaby

The new board will meet with the outgoing members of the previous board in the coming days to help inform what steps the Trust have taken so far with regards to the sale of Huish Park to SSDC.

We’d like to thank our members who applied and those who voted.

If you’d like to become a member of the Glovers Trust and have your voice as a Yeovil Town fan heard as part of a democratic process, head to

As many will have read, South Somerset District Council have unanimously approved the deal to purchase Huish Park and the surrounding land from Yeovil Town Football Club today. From a Council perspective we can see that this is a low risk commercial deal that will benefit them whichever of the four scenarios outlined by the Council Officers comes to pass.  What we all have to decide is will it be a good deal for our football club.

The Glovers Trust applied for an Asset of Community Value registration with SSDC in 2016, thereby protecting, to a certain degree, Huish Park from a snap sale without the community having the opportunity of considering making a counter bid.

We have until the 7th January 2021 to formally notify the Council of an intention to consider a bid. Should notification of such a decision be made by the end of this six week period, the proposed sale will be put on hold for up to six months to allow for consideration of a bid.

A mostly new Trust Board or possibly a completely new one, together with its members will shortly have to make the decision whether to trigger that ACV and send YTFC in one direction or another. The Trust members hold the Club’s future in their hands.

We are working hard to ascertain details that the newly elected board can put to the members in order that we can provide them with as much information as possible before a decision is made on the next steps.

We all want the very best for Yeovil Town Football Club and with all of us working together as the only independent organisation for supporters we can have an influence over the future of our club.

Be you a member or non-member your participation in this process is critical to achieving this aim. Let’s keep the dialogue going.

The Glovers Trust Board

Following the closure of the Glovers Trust nomination period on Friday we can confirm that there are 16 candidates who have put themselves forward for board membership.  As there are 12 places on the Trust Board available, we will now move onto the voting process to decide which candidates will take the positions on the committee.

The Trust election process has coincided in what can only be described as one on the most critical periods for our Football Club in recent times, with news earlier this week that the Chairman of Yeovil Town FC is in discussions with South Somerset District Council to potentially sell, and lease back, the Huish Park site.  The current Trust Board are working to ascertain as much information as possible with regards to the proposal, and under the terms of the Asset of Community Value status that we successfully gained for the site, are entitled to submit a written intention to bid if we decide we can offer an alternate and more beneficial proposition.  We received written confirmation on Friday from SSDC that the intent to sell the asset has been received and so the six-week moratorium period has formally commenced and will end on Thursday the 7th of January.

As this date falls after the initial timeline for the closure of the voting process, the current Trust Board have reviewed and agreed a revision to the previously published timeline so that the new Committee have a chance to provide input into the above consideration during the moratorium period, and take forward the decision that is ultimately made. Therefore we would like to advise that the voting process will open on Wednesday the 2nd of December and close on Friday the 11th of December.

When the voting process commences, the manifesto that applicants submitted will be published to all members who are eligible to vote.  Those members will then vote for 12 of the candidates that they wish to see elected to the Trust Board.  At the end of the process, the 12 candidates with the most votes will be elected to the Trust Board.  For clarity, the scope of eligible voters is defined as individuals who were an active member of the Glovers Trust up to and including 30th of June 2020, and any individual who has joined between that date and the 27th of November 2020.

Upon completion of the voting process, we will announce the results as soon as possible after the 12th of December, and no later than Monday 14th of December.

Following the release of the statement made by SSDC and Scott Priestnall this afternoon, the Glovers Trust would like to confirm that we had been made fully aware of these proposals by Mr Priestnall on Sunday evening.

In a long and transparent discussion via video link members of the Trust Board were appraised of the situation that exists at Huish Park, including the severe financial difficulties that face our Club.

We are all in favour of measures that will ensure the stability of YTFC and will allow for sustainable revenue streams to provide sufficient funds to allow our Club not only to survive but positively thrive. We want and need the Club to be an important facility for generations to come.

At this early stage we believe that the proposed scheme has much to commend it and should the proposals be carried out as presently stated, a brighter future could await Yeovil Town. A club unencumbered by both land charges and covenants would free up the possibilities for the type of development that would bring those all-important revenue streams on board. We shall be consulting with our members to gain their views on what could be one of the most important steps forward in the Club’s 125 year history. The Trust also welcomes the opinions and views of non-members in order to assess the level of support.

There will be much to discuss going forward should these proposals gain the support of those who represent our community at Council level. We suggest that supporters be at the very centre of such discussions. The present pandemic has highlighted by its absence that vital element in our football club, the supporters. The beating heart and emotional investment that all fans bring, not to mention their financial support, makes the Club what it is. A share in the decision making will surely be required.

The Glovers Trust Board of Directors


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This afternoon is a very poignant moment for many supporters of Yeovil Town as the Away End is formally named in memory of Mr Yeovil Town himself, Martin Badger Baker.

To all those who used the Ciderspace website Martin Baker was known as the person who brought every scrap of YTFC information to the fans. His explanations, of often complex situations, were easily understood by all of us who regularly logged in. They were tempered with a quick wit and when required the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Nothing escaped his gaze and whether or not you had ever met him you felt he was a great friend.

The Glovers Trust are proud to be able to sponsor the Away End in Martin’s name. From the inception of the Trust Martin was a true believer in its cause. He was one of six fans who attended the London offices of Supporters Direct in 2015 and pitched the case for setting up a Supporters Trust. He understood the need for an independent voice for supporters, the desire to have a say in how the Club that generations of fans had supported.

On many occasions in the following years he gave the Trust guidance, support and knowledge which was used to attempt to persuade those in charge to listen to the fan’s grievances and points of view. If Badger were here today it is more than likely he would point to the support that fans have given over the pandemic period as an example of how Club and fans should work together. He would urge fans to see that it was more important than ever to have a strong Trust, able to continue the encouraging dialogue that has developed with the present ownership. He would be looking ahead to greater cooperation and representation for all involved in this, our Club.

It is believed that Martin Baker is the very first supporter to have received this important recognition of a named stand in the 125 year history of YTFC. How fitting that he should be number one!

Martin Baker is sorely missed by many but will be forgotten by none.


You may recall that the Glovers Trust Board took a decision earlier this year to defer the nomination and election process for 2020 given the uncertainty that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused. Since then we have seen one season end and a new season begin, all behind closed doors, and despite all of the uncertainty, it is clear that it will be some time before we return to a sense of normality.

With this in mind, we have decided that despite the uncertainty now is as good a time any to open the Board nomination process and give members the opportunity to step forward for election to the Trust Board. This year is more important than ever!

Under our constitution we have an allocation for up to twelve Board members each sitting for a period of two years before seeking re-election should they wish to do so. We have struggled year on year to get anywhere near that allocation and have felt the need to co-opt people from time to time to give us a small working group. This in turn has curtailed our ability to offer our club and the supporters as many initiatives as we could otherwise have done. Last October we set out the election process once again but not a single enquiry was made by a supporter. Consequently, there was no election of new Board members and consequently five of the existing members agreed to carry on. One who had chosen not to be re-elected kindly allowed themselves to be co-opted for one more year to keep it afloat.

Of course, a Supporters Trust should not just rely upon the Board members to organise and run every event, activity and initiative and for many Trusts at many clubs up and down the country the volunteer is the life blood of the organisation. We thank those that have kindly volunteered for various things over the years but frankly we need more and cannot successfully run the Glovers Trust on the backs of five or six people.

This year all of the existing Board will need to stand for re-election and there is no guarantee that all or any will choose to do so. Clearly this is not how it is meant to work – volunteer organisations benefit from new blood, new people with vision, new ideas and enthusiasm. There is no other way to take the vehicle forward and if no one steps up this time there could be grave consequences for the Trust.

If you are interested and would like to step forward, then simply complete the Trust Board Nomination Form and return it by Friday the 27th of November, preferably by email to Candidates must be nominated by two other adult Trust members, and complete a statement outlining why they want to get involved with the Board. Due to the exceptional circumstances this year, individuals do not need to hold an active Trust Membership so if you are a new or former member please get in touch with us and we will provide you with the information that you require to stand for election. Eligible forms will be included in our Election manifesto to be sent to all current Trust members, who will then vote for their preferred candidates. Results will be announced w/c 11th of January 2021.

Full details of the process can be found in polices 7, 8 and 9 here and should be fully read and understood ahead of nominating but a summary the timeline of events are as follows:

  • Monday 19th October – The nomination form is published online here. Trust members wishing to stand for election must submit a form which must include nominations from 2 Trust members along with a manifesto of no more than 450 words.
  • Friday 27th November – Deadline for completed nominations. All nomination forms must be received by the Trust Secretary, either by email ( or post (FAO Trust Secretary, Glovers Trust, 48 Grove Avenue, Yeovil Somerset, BA21 2BE) by the end of the day and will not be accepted after this date.
  • W/C 30th November – Members will receive voting packs containing manifestos of those standing for nomination.
  • Friday 8th January – Deadline for completed votes to be received by the Trust Secretary. Votes will not be accepted after this date.
  • W/C 11th January – Election results are announced.

We value the input of those who have taken an interest in the Glovers Trust, you may be a past, present or future member, someone who has grasped the concept of a Supporters Trust and believes it has a place at Yeovil, and we are reaching out to you and encouraging you to help. If it cannot continue then Yeovil supporters will no longer have an independent voice. There are no special qualifications to join the Trust Board. We are not looking for a Superman, Superwoman or an Einstein. Just people like you who love Yeovil Town FC and have the enthusiasm and dedication to make a difference. Please give it some thought, even if you live far away. One thing that this Pandemic has done is change the way we think about holding meetings – distance is no problem! The Board generally meet once a month for a couple of hours, have a laugh and a drink and discuss how to change the world of Yeovil Town FC for the better – you could be a part of that!