Following the closure of the Glovers Trust nomination period on Friday we can confirm that there are 16 candidates who have put themselves forward for board membership.  As there are 12 places on the Trust Board available, we will now move onto the voting process to decide which candidates will take the positions on the committee.

The Trust election process has coincided in what can only be described as one on the most critical periods for our Football Club in recent times, with news earlier this week that the Chairman of Yeovil Town FC is in discussions with South Somerset District Council to potentially sell, and lease back, the Huish Park site.  The current Trust Board are working to ascertain as much information as possible with regards to the proposal, and under the terms of the Asset of Community Value status that we successfully gained for the site, are entitled to submit a written intention to bid if we decide we can offer an alternate and more beneficial proposition.  We received written confirmation on Friday from SSDC that the intent to sell the asset has been received and so the six-week moratorium period has formally commenced and will end on Thursday the 7th of January.

As this date falls after the initial timeline for the closure of the voting process, the current Trust Board have reviewed and agreed a revision to the previously published timeline so that the new Committee have a chance to provide input into the above consideration during the moratorium period, and take forward the decision that is ultimately made. Therefore we would like to advise that the voting process will open on Wednesday the 2nd of December and close on Friday the 11th of December.

When the voting process commences, the manifesto that applicants submitted will be published to all members who are eligible to vote.  Those members will then vote for 12 of the candidates that they wish to see elected to the Trust Board.  At the end of the process, the 12 candidates with the most votes will be elected to the Trust Board.  For clarity, the scope of eligible voters is defined as individuals who were an active member of the Glovers Trust up to and including 30th of June 2020, and any individual who has joined between that date and the 27th of November 2020.

Upon completion of the voting process, we will announce the results as soon as possible after the 12th of December, and no later than Monday 14th of December.