Further AGM Update and Subsequent Boardroom Activities

Following the first ever Glovers Trust Annual General Meeting, the first democratically elected Board of Directors of the Glovers Trust are pleased to be in a position to provide a further update on the Annual General Meeting, appointment of the Trust Board and assignment of positions and the next series of activities which the Trust Board are planning to commence.

Of the 273 members that the Trust boasted to date, 41 votes were cast by Trust members who attended the event and this was supplemented by a further 23 members voting via the proxy voting procedure. The elected Board are as follows:

Paul Binding – 56 votes
Simon Brimble – 58 votes
Stuart Burrell – 55 votes
Josef Fischer – 41 votes
Adam Forster – 51 votes
Olly Jennings – 52 votes
Hugh Male – 44 votes
Brendon Owen – 60 votes
Catherine Reed – 60 votes
Andrew Richardson – 54 votes

The three additional Trust members who also stood for election but were unsuccessful in their bid are as follows:

John Farley – 9 votes
John Hogben – 25 votes
David Roderick Jones – 16 votes

The newly elected Trust Board would like to place on record their thanks to Augusta Westland Apprentices and Students Association, for their excellent work in independently handling the ballot process on the eventing.

Following closure of the Annual General Meeting, the first action the Trust Board had to take was to decide how key Board roles would be assigned. The Trust board are pleased to announce that this process has been completed and key roles have been assigned as follows:

Chairman – Brendon Owen
Vice-Chairman – Adam Forster
Treasurer – Simon Brimble
Membership Secretary/Youth Lead – Olly Jennings
Communications Officer – Stuart Burrell
Corporate Liaison – Josef Fischer
Events Coordinators – Paul Binding, Hugh Male & Catherine Reed

The Board of Directors have also co-opted Dean Mountain as Trust Secretary.

Personal profiles for the Board of Directors can be found on the Meet the Board page.

The next action that the Trust Board will take is to canvass opinions of its members via a survey that we anticipate will be circulated in the coming week. From this the Trust Board plan to collate the feedback and identify key themes that are viable for presentation to the Club to, for example, improve revenue streams or the match-day experience for supporters.

With that complete, the Trust Board intend to organise a meeting with the Yeovil Town Board of Directors to discuss these themes and agree a collective action plan.