Glovers Trust Progress Update

The Working Party known to date as ‘The Yeovil Voice’ are pleased to be in a position to provide an update on activities that have been undertaken following an almost unanimous vote in January 2016 by supporters of Yeovil Town Football Club in favour of forming a Supporters Trust.
The Yeovil Town Supporters Society Limited, known as the GLOVERS TRUST, has now been officially recognised by Supporters Direct and registered by the Financial Conduct Authority.  This has been the result of much hard work by many volunteers with the desire to bring a democratic, not for profit, community based society, and independent organisation to represent the voice of Yeovil Town Supporters.
The volunteers who make up the steering committee of the Glovers Trust are also preparing for the first AGM which will take place in approximately 6 months’ time.  The Trust will operate under a one member, one vote principle and all members with voting rights will be invited to stand or nominate any other member for election as a Trust Board representative.  The newly elected Board will then oversee the running of the Trust for a fixed period, calling on its members to vote on how the Glovers Trust shall be run and what stance it wishes to take on various initiatives and issues.
The steering group has remained keen to gain and maintain support from all supporters, including the existing Yeovil Town supporters’ organisations regarding the formation of the Glovers Trust and are pleased to have received our first formal message of support from the Bridport Glovers Supporters Club:
“The Bridport Glovers are delighted to hear that the Glovers Trust has now been fully registered. We look forward to working constructively with them to bring a bright future to Yeovil Town Football Club. We fully support the entries in the Register of Assets of Community Value that have been issued by the S.S.D.C.”
If you would like any further information regarding the ongoing activities of the steering group or if you or your organisation would like to sponsor an aspect of our Launch Party, please email