GT Statement regarding the Big 10 Challenge


When the Board of the Glovers Trust met with David Mills in September 2017, he had been appointed by his employers, YTFC, as a Supporters Liaison Officer with the remit to act as a conduit between fans and Club to air differences, resolve problems and act as a line of dialogue between the two.

We met in good faith, the Trust wishing to reach out and see what cooperation could be achieved between fans and Club. We believed it was better to try and talk to a representative of the Club face to face rather than have a stand -off with both sides being suspicious of each other.

We felt that the meeting went well, so well in fact that Mr Mills suggested that the Trust draw up a list of ten challenges that he would endeavour to complete within a period of three months.  We canvassed our members’ opinions and also that of Yeovil Town fans in general.  We sought ideas for sensible improvements in and around Huish Park.  We collated the views and sent a list of the ten most achievable challenges to Mr Mills.  The three-month timeframe began on 1st January 2018 and by the middle of March we had received the responses from Mr Mills that were circulated to our members and published by us in April 2018.  Since that date a further six weeks had passed, giving Mr Mills the opportunity of updating any of his responses.  No update was received.

Our members have come back to us and stated that they are very disappointed but not surprised at the responses that we received.  They feel that once again Yeovil Town FC have let supporters down.

A further letter was sent to Mr Mills on the 29th of April 2018 detailing the Trust members’ and the Board’s views and inviting his further reply (A copy of which can be found here).  To date no reply has been received.

The Trust Board are as disappointed as our members with the responses from Mr Mills. Out of ten challenges, not a single one has been completed.  Lazy replies have been received to some of them, whilst several have been deferred pending quotes to be obtained.  We would query the quality of the suppliers engaged should a quote take four and a half months to be submitted!

The ’Big Ten Challenge’ was intended to be an opportunity for Mr Mills and the Club to show that it listens to fans, that it takes them into consideration and it appreciates their concerns and their loyalty.  The response speaks volumes and is yet another missed opportunity to proactively engage with supporters.  The Trust Board are deeply concerned that the behaviours, which we have seen for many years, will, if it continues, have only one outcome – the demise of our Football Club.   We would urge those that can influence change within Yeovil Town FC to wake up and start to engage with fans before it is too late.