Huish Park Declared an Asset of Community Value

The Glovers Trust Interim Board of Directors are pleased to announce that they have successfully registered Huish Park and its surrounding land as an Asset of Community Value.

The Localism Act 2011 has made provisions to give communities a right to identify a building or other land that they believe to be of importance to their community’s social well-being.  Having identified Huish Park Stadium, and its surrounding land, as fitting this criteria, the Board of Directors have submitted nominations to the South Somerset District Council to include both of these areas on the Register of Assets of Community Value.  After full consideration, the South Somerset District Council have agreed with the nomination on the grounds that the primary use of the Stadium and the surrounding land in the recent past enhances the social well-being and interests of the local community, and that it is realistic to expect that current and future activities undertaken at the site will continue to do so.

Inclusion on the Register of Assets means that should the stadium or land be put up for sale, the owners must notify the local authority who in turn will notify the Glovers Trust and also publish the intentions in the local community. The community will have an opportunity to express an interest in being treated as a potential bidder during the period and interested parties would be given a period of six months to make a bid.  The owners would still be free to sell the assets to whomever they choose and at whatever price, however the legislation at the very least empowers the local community to actively participate in this process.  As many football stadia across the country are now included on Local Authority Registers, the Glovers Trust Steering Group feel that Huish Park and the surrounding land should not be left unprotected and are delighted that this has been echoed by South Somerset District Council.