Dear valued Member,

The Glovers Trust board have been vigorously debating the next steps that we as a Trust take.

With that in mind, we have made the decision by a majority of eight to four, with no abstentions, not to put the final decision on the Asset of Community Value (ACV) to a members’ vote.

This is for the following reasons:

  • Since the South Somerset District Council (SSDC) meeting of 3rd December 2020 when they unanimously agreed to the proposal to purchase Huish Park and surrounding land the clock has been ticking down fast to the deadline for activating the ACV on 7th January 2021. The current (and previous) board have spent many hours in meetings  with Scott Priestnall, SSDC and an insolvency lawyer, sourcing and collating as much information as we possibly could in the limited time that was available. We have concluded that this is a complex situation with several possible outcomes, none of which are easily understood and none of which are straight forward black or white.
  • We have sought answers to many questions, some have been answered fully, others not. There is much in the proposal that remains confidential and would not be known until as and when contracts of sale were signed and exchanged and the matter became registered with the Land Registry and in turn became public knowledge. We have striven to learn as much as possible with a desire to advise you on each and every scenario but due to the very limited amount of time left to explain this complex issue to you and to give everyone the time and space to digest the information and form a balanced view before returning a vote, we do not think this can be done.
  • We are aware that this is an emotive issue. What could be more important to fans than the future of their Club. While Yeovil Town FC struggle on the pitch, there is an increasing strain on the relationship between fans, the manager and the ownership. The Board would be dismayed if, rather than making an informed decision regarding the implementation of the ACV, some members saw this as a way of protesting against the current on-pitch situation, thereby potentially taking the Club in a direction that may not necessarily be in its best interests.
  • Our active adult membership as of 28/12/2020 is 220. Although membership has increased by 19 since the board election, the turnout for those elections was 78. We value our members opinions greatly, which is why during the election we asked members to contact us directly with their concerns, questions and views on this subject. We must report that few did.  Were a vote from members be deemed to be the deciding factor in activating or not activating the ACV and it transpired that only a small percentage of our member base actually voted and should this vote be split almost evenly, the Board would be bound to apply the result of possibly a handful of people who may or may not have had any detailed knowledge of the issues. We do not feel this would be accurate of the overall feeling or fair on the fan base of Yeovil Town FC.
  • We believe that the members in the recent election chose their elected representatives from the candidates on the basis that they believed that those selected would fairly represent the views of the Trust members as a whole.  We ask you to accept that the twelve Board members, with as much knowledge as we have been able to assemble, should be the ones to decide to activate or not activate the ACV.

We appreciate that some members will be aggrieved by our decision. We are an independent, democratic organisation who have been elected by our members to uphold the Trust constitution to work faithfully on behalf of all members and by making this decision we believe we are doing just that. We would stress however that this decision does not set a precedent for the future and issues that may merit a member’s vote will be evaluated as they arise.

The Trust Board will meet shortly to discuss the action to be taken with regard to the ACV and whatever the outcome we shall communicate our reasons to you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Brendon Owen
Interim Chair, Glovers Trust Board.