On Saturday 12th December 2020 the fifth set of Glovers Trust Board of Directors were confirmed. All members of the Board will stand for 12 months. Profiles for each Board member can be found below:

Brendon Owen (Chair)

Brendon has been a Yeovil Town supporter since 1976 even has a piece of turf from the old Huish pitch in his lawn! He and his wife are long time season ticket holders and have many wonderful memories from following the Club over the years and hope for many more.

Having spent the majority of his working life in the Magistrates and Crown Courts and also authoring three books depicting his experiences during the more successful years in the Club’s history, Brendon is now retired and devoting a significant proportion of his time towards the Glovers Trust.

Having played a key role in the inception and development of the Trust, Brendon is a strong advocate of the notion of Yeovil Town fans having a strong voice in how things are run at Huish Park. He also wants the Trust to be a benefit for the wider community and to bring assistance to those who may need it.

John Oakes (Vice Chair)

As Vice Chair John supports Brendon in directing the Trust’s agenda and meetings. He is often keen to keep meetings on track so he can have his dinner!

Born into the YTFC family, but having been exiled to London and now Cardiff John may be a familiar name to YTFC fans on social media through his support of the Ciderspace Facebook group.

John is a keen believer in fan involvement in the club and hopes that the Trust can grow in order to play an important role in the future of Yeovil Town FC.

John still hasn’t forgiven Harry Kewell.

Terri Burt (Treasurer)

Terri has been brought up with sport all of her life, and since moving to Yeovil in the 1970s from Surrey, she has supported Yeovil Town FC. Her background is in Entertainment and retail, running a business in Yeovil for 36 years. With that experience, Terri wanted to help by joining the Glovers Trust in motivating YTFC into making more of the Club shop and generating more revenue in other ways than what they already do. She believes in fans having a bigger voice than they do now and hopefully will help to achieve this.

Ian Perkins (Communications Officer)

Ian first step foot inside Huish Park in 1998 as a nine-year-old and has been an avid Glover ever since. While the majority of his time as a supporter has been a positive experience of success, the recent years have shown decline on the pitch which really opened his eyes to the decline off the pitch and around Huish Park.

With years of working in the Ecommerce, Social Media for small companies, and now working in PR and Communication, Ian’s skills and experience alongside his passion for our football club will help amplify the Trust’s objective and message.

Adam Skinner (Membership)

Steve Seaby (vice Membership)

Steve has been an avid fan since moving back to Yeovil in the mid-90s but spent 10 years watching from afar whilst serving the armed forces. Now working for a local Aerospace firm, he along with his Dad, are longstanding season ticket holders and his scarf can often be seen hanging out the passenger window on various motorways heading to an away game.

After many, many years of venting his frustrations on the terraces he decided to be a little but more constructive and join the board. He like many others just wants to try and make a difference and is excited to be working with Adam to increase membership. After all, the more members we have the bigger our voice. A voice is what the fans deserve after so many years without one.


Barrie David

Barrie has been a supporter of YTFC since pestering his father to take him to the Huish back in 1984. After moving away from Yeovil, he is more likely to be seen at an away fixture rather than at Huish Park. Although as a third generation YTFC supporter, he retains a strong interest in all things YTFC.

Barrie joined the trust because he strongly believes in supporter involvement within the club and feels the trust can play an important part in sustaining the future of YTFC.

His favourite player is Alan Pardew.

Vernon Edmonds

Ross McKendrick

Roger Pipe

Stuart Tilley (Secretary)