In our February Newsletter we informed you that we were trying to arrange a follow up meeting with Insight63 consultant, Mark Palmer.  You will recall that we met Mr Palmer on 1st November 2017 (the minutes can be found on our website – and we ended that meeting with an agreement to meet before the end of 2017 for an update on Mr Palmer’s assessment of what direction the Club should be aiming to follow.

Knowing that his assessment was due to be finished before the opening of the January transfer window, we invited Mr Palmer to meet with us on 6th December. This date became unsuitable to him as did our further offer of the 13th of December.  A planned meeting for the 20th of December was unfortunately cancelled at Mr Palmer’s request and so moving in 2018, the Trust Board sent an email on the 2nd of January seeking a suitable date for which we could meet.  His reply spoke of getting back to us with dates for the week commencing 15th January.  By 11th January, having heard nothing further, another email was sent by the Trust asking him to agree a suitable date. His reply was that he was still in confidential discussions with JF & NH, and asked us to bear with him.

Mark Palmer gave an interview to the BBC on 20th January 2018 and on 29th January the Trust sent a further email to Mr Palmer raising concerns that the interview failed to shed a reasonable level of detail into the follow up actions and timescales pertaining to the report that he had submitted and invited him to meet with us again at his earliest convenience.

Mr Palmer has since responded indicating that he felt that the interview brought everyone up to speed with the work that he has conducted and is continuing with, and that due to the confidential nature of the work he is unable to openly discuss any aspects of said work or the 7-year plan until there has been a sufficient level of detail that has been agreed which can go public.

The Trust Board are extremely disappointed at this turn of events and had hoped that further detail of the plans for the future of our Club would be mutually beneficial to both the Club and its supporters.  Once again it feels that Yeovil Town fans are being kept in the dark and the Trust Board would hope that the supporters, who the Club indicate that they wish to retain and encourage to return, find out what is planned for the next seven years sooner rather than later.

The Trust have requested that an item be included on the Alliance Group agenda for the forthcoming meeting on 21st February seeking the clarification of the continued involvement of Mr Palmer with the Football Club.