At the Glovers Trust we firmly believe that saying sorry when we make mistakes is not only the right thing to do – it’s vital. On November 19th we received a complaint from the YTFC Disabled Supporters Association (YTFC DSA), in which it highlighted a comment that was made by Trust Board member Brendon Owen at the Trust AGM in October, which was publicly broadcast on our Facebook page. The comment referenced a topic that was raised during a recent Supporters Alliance meeting about an issue affecting colour-blind fans, describing it as a ‘trivial item’.

The Trust Board including Brendon, are grateful that this has been raised and would like to openly apologise for classifying it in this manner – we’re sorry! No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ and no trying to justify the comment due to context. The comment was wrong as was its tone. This apology is wholehearted and sincere – the comment was not only painfully ill-conceived and badly delivered but it rightly upset a number of Yeovil Town supporters.

The response to the comment at the time was also severely lacking and we acknowledge that this should have been highlighted by one of the other members of the Board. We apologise too for the lack of respect that this demonstrated to the Disabled Supporters Association and the issue that had been raised.

Additionally, we feel that it is important to apologise to the Trust’s membership. We represent you and, in this instance, that representation was not good enough. We will do better!

Brendon’s passion was a driving force in the formation of the Glovers Trust. In the DSA’s correspondence there was a timely reminder that the Trust was started – with Brendon at the helm – on a commitment to work for all Yeovil Town supporters, the wider community and to bring assistance to those who may need it. The Trust Board & Brendon reaffirm that commitment.

The DSA’s complaint also questioned Brendon’s suitability to be a representative at the Supporters Alliance. Brendon has tirelessly worked for a positive future Yeovil Town Football Club. The Trust Board supports him to continue in doing that. He has made a mistake, recognises it and vehemently regrets it. The Trust Board believes the best way to show that remorse and his commitment to all supporters of YTFC is in his action as a representative at the Supporters Alliance. If anyone deserves a chance to do that, we believe Brendon is that person.

It is not enough however just to make amends with words. We don’t wish to simply apologise and move on, but want to learn from this incident and make sure that the future is better and brighter. To do that, the Trust Board would like to have a closer bond with not just the Disabled Supporters Association, but all supporters’ groups. The Supporters Alliance acts as a vehicle to achieve this.

The comment and the response cannot be taken back but perhaps something positive can emerge. Alongside this apology, Brendon & Chairman Stuart Burrell have offered to meet with the DSA to do the same in person.

This incident isn’t something we want to forget or sweep under the carpet. Instead it will be a reminder of the aims of the Trust. We will now re-double our efforts to fulfil those aims.

The Glovers Trust Board of Directors