Following the release of the statement made by SSDC and Scott Priestnall this afternoon, the Glovers Trust would like to confirm that we had been made fully aware of these proposals by Mr Priestnall on Sunday evening.

In a long and transparent discussion via video link members of the Trust Board were appraised of the situation that exists at Huish Park, including the severe financial difficulties that face our Club.

We are all in favour of measures that will ensure the stability of YTFC and will allow for sustainable revenue streams to provide sufficient funds to allow our Club not only to survive but positively thrive. We want and need the Club to be an important facility for generations to come.

At this early stage we believe that the proposed scheme has much to commend it and should the proposals be carried out as presently stated, a brighter future could await Yeovil Town. A club unencumbered by both land charges and covenants would free up the possibilities for the type of development that would bring those all-important revenue streams on board. We shall be consulting with our members to gain their views on what could be one of the most important steps forward in the Club’s 125 year history. The Trust also welcomes the opinions and views of non-members in order to assess the level of support.

There will be much to discuss going forward should these proposals gain the support of those who represent our community at Council level. We suggest that supporters be at the very centre of such discussions. The present pandemic has highlighted by its absence that vital element in our football club, the supporters. The beating heart and emotional investment that all fans bring, not to mention their financial support, makes the Club what it is. A share in the decision making will surely be required.

The Glovers Trust Board of Directors