Statement Regarding YTFC First Team Management

It’s with great regret that we feel we need to speak out but under the circumstances thereis no other choice. The Glovers Trust has always been focused on ‘off the pitch’ problems because we’ve always felt that they were the biggest ones to tackle. We don’t feel particularly comfortable about having to change our stance and are not planning to make a habit of it. However, in this instance we need to say clearly, but respectfully, a change of first team management is needed.

With the club just two points above the relegation zone, with Macclesfield having a game in hand, the time is now to act in order to preserve our Football League status.

That status is the most important reason – in fact, that status is vital! There are of course other considerations. At this time of great change, we actually don’t want Darren Way’s legacy to be tarnished. As a player, Darren role in the club’s rise into the Football League was a significant one. We haven’t forgotten that and it’s more than just a fond memory, it’s the stuff of Green & White legend.

Regardless of anyone’s past what is needed now are results and they are needed fast to
avoid relegation. We’ve already reached out to Rob Couhig & Mark Palmer and expressed
our view. While we can certainly empathise with the unenviable situation they are in at the moment, we still urge the club’s management – current and future – as well as Darren himself, to come together and do what is best for the future of Yeovil Town.

To Darren we also say this. This is not personal. In fact, we firmly believe you’ve tried your best in often difficult circumstances. In past seasons it’s been enough but at the moment, it doesn’t look like it will be the same this time. Please do the right thing and allow someone else to try and get the club away from the relegation zone.

The Board of the Glovers Trust