Statement Regarding YTFC Management Change

Darren Way’s departure from YTFC was regrettable but necessary considering the situation the club finds itself in. Darren has been a great servant to the club and his contributions, especially as a player, cannot be underestimated. That said, it was time to part company to enable in earnest the hard work of battling for our league status to continue. There is no doubt that the run in to the end of the season is going to be hard, perhaps the hardest that many supporters will ever experience.

With that in mind, we want this situation to become a positive. The club is on the cusp of what we all hope will be a long awaited and much needed reboot. The takeover of the club will, fingers crossed, go through soon and with it we very much hope results will come due to this change in first team management.

We urge fellow supporters – as they have all season – to get behind the team as the fight continues for league survival. Saturday’s match has been dubbed as ‘fan appreciation day’ by YTFC, and while we believe that should be everyday, we do hope that supporters will turn out for it in big numbers. We also hope the players will show their appreciation for the supporters in the greatest way possible by going out there and bagging three points.

Times have been tough, not just for months but for years, and we hope that this moment of change will be a fresh start for Yeovil Town Football Club. We dearly want that fresh start to happen in the Football League.

The Board of the Glovers Trust