Supporters Alliance Statement – 20/02/2019

The last few days have been extraordinary for Yeovil Town Football Club. At the Trust, we always want to keep you as informed as possible. With that in mind, here is a statement from chairman of the Supporters Alliance, Rich Rendell after today’s informal meeting of the group.

“Today’s informal Alliance Meeting was arranged to have an open discussion on the league position of Yeovil Town FC and the challenges that exist in persuading the current Board that something needs to change quickly.  Of course, the activities and news in the last 24 hours have changed the complexion and focus somewhat.

Yeovil Town Supporters Alliance Chairman Rich Rendell (Green & White Supporters Club) and Stuart Burrell (Glovers Trust) were invited to meet with Rob Couhig and Mark Palmer at The Lanes Hotel in West Coker at 10:30am on Tuesday 19thof February 2019. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss their proposed ownership model, plans for the future and desire and commitment to keep Yeovil Town Football Club in the football league.  

Rob explained that he has a passion for sports, notably minor league teams in America, and developed an interest in English Football via his brother’s affection for Liverpool.  He has been in contact with Mark Palmer for a few years and has been looking for an opportunity to buy an English club but until recently has not found one that fits the profile of what he has been looking for. His view on Yeovil Town is that there is huge potential for improvement and is extremely keen on focussing on the supporter experience from the outset.

They explained that negotiations have progressed and that the completion timescale being targeted is ‘within the next month’. At present they are only able to act as advisors to the current personnel which has presented a particular challenge in certain areas. 

Ideas stretch far and wide – Rob wants to bring back a good family feeling at the Club, with decent food and a place to drink.  They wish to get the club back in eyes of the community, and bring back the sense of belonging, something that has disappeared over the years.  Designs are being prepared for next seasons kit, the aim of which is that, with a nostalgic feel, it will be used to mark the 125-year anniversary of the football club. Plans are afoot to engage supporters more directly once the designs are whittled down the final few, with an appetite to hold an open day/evening for fans take a look at physical prototypes and feedback on preferences. There is a desire to follow this up with a fitting pre-season launch event to recognise the anniversary and changes in ownership. Rob and Mark have also drawn reference to the potential that the club holds in its Somerset location highlighting that the club is undermarketed in that respect and more needs to be done to encourage potential supporters from neighbouring towns and villages to sample a revitalised matchday experience. 

The Supporters Alliance are encouraged by the messages that are being delivered both by Rob Couhig and Mark Palmer.  Invariably there is an element of ‘wait and see’ as the proof will be in the delivery but under the Supporters Alliance umbrella, member groups are committed to supporting the new owners in embarking on this new journey in the Football League both for the remainder of this season and beyond. Everyone recognises that it is important that we start winning matches and we now almost have a new owner. So as chairman of the Supporters Alliance I ask the supporters to get behind him and the team. We all have wanted changes for some time, now the process has begun. The club motto is Achieve by Unity – let’s ALL start doing it.”

The Trust will keep working with the Alliance and the new custodians for a brighter future at YTFC. To help us, please stay in touch so we can represent you in the best way we can. The best way is via e-mail – or