Trust Issue 10 Item Challenge To David Mills

Following a commitment made during a meeting with David Mills on the 13th of September, the Trust Board are pleased to announce a list of ten items that have been put forward for Mr Mills to explore over the next three months.

The items have been constructed using feedback obtained from supporters via a social media campaign, with the view that these are all items that can be implemented or executed. The ten items are detailed below:

  1. Communicate the terms of the covenants affecting the Huish Park site, what has been done to remove these, and the impact they are having on building a permanent social club.
  2. Explore the cost and practicalities of installing low level lighting on the path that runs between the Screwfix Stand and the traffic lights on Western Avenue. The visibility on the section leading up to the traffic lights is particularly poor.
  3. Explore the practicalities of utilising vendor trays and mobile catering to sell food and drinks inside the stadium during a match.
  4. Ensure that all sinks in the toilet areas dispense hot water as well as cold.
  5. Explore the practicalities of providing a dedicated bus link that runs from the train stations, via the town centre to the stadium.
  6. Create a designated area for supporters to lead chants and use flags and instruments on the terrace to enhance the atmosphere during matches.
  7. Implement regular and varied entertainment at half-time, primarily aimed at children and younger supporters. Examples could include a crossbar challenge, beat the goalie competition wacky challenges, or anything else that will keep people entertained.
  8. Explore the practicality of implementing a prize draw whereby attending supporters could win an upgrade from a normal match day seat to a box/executive seat for the next match.
  9. Explore the practicality of implementing a half-time prize draw whereby younger supporters can win an opportunity to meet the playing squad following a match.
  10. Give supporters an input into the music which the team walk out to, perhaps inviting fans to vote from shortlist drawn up by the playing staff for the tune to be played ahead of the next match.

Should it not be possible to progress or complete any of the above items, the Trust Board and its members would anticipate sound reasons to be provided why this is the case.

The Trust Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters who have contributed to this campaign and will publish feedback as it is received.