Trust Issue Details & Responses to Marquee Feedback

As outlined last week, the Glovers Trust Board took a decision to temporarily cease operations in the Supporters Marquee following receipt of a letter that we received from YTFC containing negative feedback from others supporters regarding its activities on-site.

Although we had initially indicated that a response would not be forthcoming until after the next Board meeting in December, we are pleased to be able to confirm that we have now provided a full written response to the Football Club.

We have taken the decision to expedite the response primarily in the interest of accelerating a permanent outcome, and also due the overwhelming feedback that we received from our members, and on social media.

The Trust Board have also taken a decision to make the initial letter and the Trust response publically available to all supporters via the links below.

We have informed David Mills that whilst we acknowledge a wish for the content to remain confidential, the Trust board feel that there is nothing sensitive in the comments and as we are committed to being transparent to our members it would be detrimental to our organisation to withhold this information.

We will continue to place Marquee operations on hold until we receive clarification from the Club that they are happy for us to hold a presence there.

Letter from David Mills – 1st November 2017

Trust Response to Feedback – 6th November 2017