Trust Polo Shirts Head to Africa

The Glovers Trust have this week been pleased to be able to hand over a batch of Glovers Trust polo shirts to Ian Kerr in aid of charity.

On Thursday morning Ian will be flying to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and from there he will be making a long overland trip to Moshie where he is involved with the support of an orphanage there.

Tanzania is in the bottom 10% of poverty stricken countries in the world and this orphanage receives no government support.  We felt that the offer of some 2016 dated polo shirts was a gesture of goodwill that we wanted to make.

Everton Football Club visited Tanzania pre-season and as a result football has become very important to many of the children.  Whilst Ian has had to scotch the rumour that Wayne Rooney now plays for Yeovil we are hopeful that the orphanage children will perhaps form a team, wearing our polo shirts as part of their strip and will get pleasure from enjoying a sport that we all love.