Trust Scarf launches ‘I AM YTFC’ Campaign

The supporters of Yeovil Town Football Club are and have always been the heart, soul and financial muscle of the club. It should never be forgotten or our support taken for granted. Each and every Glover can say “I AM YTFC” – Together WE ARE YTFC!

The Glovers Trust believe that this statement personifies who we are. We are not customers or clients who are being offered a take it or leave it product or a service. We are members of the community who have pride in our local club and seek only the best for it.

As supporters we are people who invest time, money and emotion into their Club, whilst we band together in solidarity for our common cause. We stand together through the good times and the bad. All we ask is that we are treated with respect, given truthful information, appreciated for our loyalty and given an opportunity to influence the future well-being of OUR CLUB. If we are made to feel welcome, we will pay the Club back in spades.

We wish to send a message to Yeovil Town Football Club that says “you seem to have forgotten the importance of supporters, the life blood of the Club”. We would like to remind you in a quiet and respectful way that we are here and that we are YTFC.

The Glovers Trust have produced a scarf to reflect this principal. By wearing one of these scarves you will send a message to those who have forgotten how important you are to them.

We will be receiving stock of the scarf on Friday 18th January 2019 and it can be purchased at the Gazebo near the ticket office on Saturday ahead of the match against Notts County. It is also available online for pre-order now via our online shop. For a mere £5.00 you can join us in saying “This is my Club – I AM YTFC”.