Trust Statement Regarding Ownership Situation

It has gone from bad to worse and we hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. The end of a torrid season (that follow a number of torrid seasons before it) was suppose to be a new start – a chance to hit reset.

Instead, all we’ve had is uncertainty, delays and more frustration. The post-season after the campaign to forget has been a debacle up to this point. No manager, no coaching staff, very few players and hardly any season tickets sold – and who can blame anyone for not buying one?

As with so many things around Yeovil Town FC, it didn’t have to be this way. Let’s be frank and honest (because honesty has been in short supply of late) – we have been lied to. The deal with Rob Couhig just needed EFL approval for so long… and then, an agreement couldn’t be found between Mr Couhig and YTFC – something doesn’t add up!

So, we’ve been back to square one. A new bidding process, with who knows, the same results? We hope not, we want this to happen (to the right people), so we’ve hung back and tried not to upset the apple cart…speaking of apples, don’t we all need a pint or two of cider after this!

To Norman Hayward and John Fry we say this. Make this happen, sell to the right people and make it happen fast. Additionally, don’t look over your shoulders, don’t check the results or gauge the feelings of the fans – just melt away!

To our new owners, whoever from the three options and whenever it takes place – we want and need this to be a success. There is a proud fanbase wanting to come back to Huish Park and engage with their club if it is ready to engage with them.

We’ll help! Your task isn’t an easy one. There is a lot of resentment due to the past failures, but together we can make it work. Achieve by Unity has felt like an unworthy club motto recently. We hope that it will not only be our motto, but our reality!

Our vision is clear and we believe it will work – take a look at our blueprint. Make this happen and YTFC will thrive again.

The Glovers Trust Board of Directors