If the end of the season and relegation wasn’t enough of a farce, then the ongoing takeover of the club is extra indignation that our club and its supporters could well have done without. There is frustration and anger at the lack of progress and communication. We, like many, expected the deal to be done, finished and signed off by now.

During recent times we have been trying to get answers to a range of questions about the takeover. Questions about the future ownership structure, ownership of the land not only the stadium but surrounding it and importantly when this will all take place. These questions have not been answered. We’ve wanted to send an update out earlier, but that is difficult to do with nothing substantial to pass on.

While we understand that confidentiality agreements are in place, this silence is unnerving. To make it worse, we have heard rumours – as many have – and have seen posts in the media by the likes of well-informed reporter Chris Spittles. While these rumours are difficult to substantiate, we have sought and continue to seek clarity. In its absence, we now have serious concerns if this deal will get over the line at all. If it doesn’t, what next?

This season has been hard enough and this further chaos, unless addressed, we fear could bring lasting damage to the club. Despite the swirl of rumours, it is unclear who is to blame for this ever-continuing mess or why it was allowed to happen.

It’s not just the long-term planning, but short term as well. If there is a void we worry about the planning for next season, not just in terms of the squad, but season tickets and other key aspects needed to make sure our stay in the National League is as short as possible.

The Trust is naturally preparing for what could happen in the event of an ever-worsening situation. We will get ready to mobilise if our club is under threat. We sincerely hope that it will not get to that point and we urge a resolution so that we can look to the future with stability.

We compel those involved – the current owners and Mr Couhig – to make a public statement on the current status of the takeover. The supporters of Yeovil Town Football Club demand answers and we’ve been through enough of late. The situation is not befitting of a club with almost 125 years of history behind it. The institution and name of Yeovil Town Football Club and its supporters deserve better from those who currently sit in the boardroom as well as those who wish to. Be clear but be honest and do it now!

The Board of the Glovers Trust