Following completion of the nomination process for positions on the Glovers Trust Board, we are pleased to welcome three new members onto the Board; Ryan Blatchford, Rod Jones and Dean Mountain.

We look forward to having Ryan, Rod and Dean join the four existing Board Members (Brendon Owen, Simon Brimble, Stuart Burrell and Andrew Richardson) and to bringing their own unique skills and experiences to the Trust.

As there were more places on the Board available than nominations received there is no need for an election to decide who will join the Board following the AGM in October.

We are naturally disappointed that the full democratic process of electing new members to the Board via voting has not been possible. Healthy competition for places is always a more preferable outcome but the Trust will continue to grow and we are confident that the three new Board members will help to make the Trust stronger.

The new members will shortly be integrated with the existing Board members and we will collectively discuss the plans and approach for the coming year. As always feedback from Trust members is invaluable so please communicate with your Board via Twitter, Facebook, email or face to face in the Marquee and The Arrow on home match days.

As Dean was the Trust Secretary there is now a vacancy for a new Secretary – if you wish to volunteer for this role or would like more details then please contact the Trust via