• The Trust is a volunteer led, democratic organisation which has the ability to give supporters a real sense of ownership.  As a Trust we have the ability to provide continuity regardless of who is running the club.
  • The Trust’s minimum annual subscription of £10 a year makes Trust membership accessible to all.
  • At times of need supporters need a unified voice that can be heard.  The Glovers Trust is the only democratically constituted body that represents supporters and operates on a one member, one vote principal. If you want the chance to influence the strongest voice that Yeovil Town supporters have then you need to join us.
  • The Trust is not constrained by the whims of individual Directors or owners.  We are ordinary supporters with no hidden agenda. Each member has one vote and each person is able to contribute to how we set out to operate.
  • The Glovers Trust has the ability to build funds that are there to provide a basic platform should there be ever be an extreme time of need.  A great example of this type of situation was provided by the formation of supporter owned league teams such as Exeter City and AFC Wimbledon.  No Trustees receive payment. Apart from essential but minimal running costs, all Trust subscriptions increase funds available to the Trust.

If you are completely new to the Trust and wish to join for the first time please select the Join The Trust option. If you are a former member looking to renew, or are simply looking to update your membership details as an existing member please select the Account Login option.